2 Player Joystick PC

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The 2 player Joystick PC is the brain baby of a customer who wanted a pc, and a joystick but was worried about space. The problem was solved when we put the pc inside the joystick! This setup typically comes with the following hardware, but can be changed at any time with upgrades.

CPU: AMD A10-7850K

Motherboard: The best small form factor FM2+ available at the time, the exact model will vary.


HDD: 2TB usually 7200, again depending on availability the exact model will vary.

PSU: Min 400W EVGA

Loaded/configure with hyperspin and will allow you to store games up to around the dreamcast era.

The rear panel is exactly like a pc so you can hook it directly to a tv for tons of fun!

Additional Information

Arcade Art

MAME Arcade Art, Marvel Vs. Capcom Art, Mortal Kombat Art, NEOGEO Art, Street Fighter Art, TMNT Art


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