Mortal Kombat 2 launched many player into a headlong battle for survival, requiring the keenest of senses in order to best the evil Shang Tsung! All your favorite characters are here: Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Raiden, and the rest of the 12 playable characters. Do your homework and find the codes to unlock all the awesome that is packed in this game, as well as all the other games you can play on this multicade machine.

Ms. Pacman has a soft spot in many people’s hearts as a treasured childhood, or teenage memory. Ghosts getting gobbled up as the quarters stream by with blinking blue lights all around. So many levels it seems like it never ends! With the power of a mini arcade machine you can relive all those memories and more with this classic super mini at your side. Powered by the Raspberry Pi, adding games is a snap and anyone can do it.

This handheld portable game system is a redesigned version of the pigrrl 2 to look like the Sega game gear, and has several improvements. This is the 5 inch model and has a few more upgrades. Independent audio switch can turn of the speakers. 5200mAh capacity with 2 batteries ( lasts aprox 4 hours). higher resolution (800 x 480). This unit can be connected directly to hdmi and be played on a larger screen. Our Analog joystick is true analog and lets you play games that the pigrrl 2 is not able to play due to that limitation. The audio does not have a static sound to it when there is no sound output. It ships completely built with a 32gb sd card pre-configured for the controls and retropie. All you have to do is transfer your games to this device, and it will just work! A charger is included with the sale, and support is a phone call away if you need it. This has a raspberry pi 3 inside. It uses the attract mode front end, and can be switched to emulation station if you like. The version of Retropie i believe is 3.8. This item uses video clips while in the game selection wheel, and is very customizable.